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Make it Quick #3 – Flash Fiction with Rory’s Story Cubes

The spade made a metallic clunk as it made contact with something. Max scraped the dirt away to reveal a plain metal box. He was almost disappointed that it wasn’t an ornate treasure chest with a skull and cross bones carved into it by bloodthirsty pirates.

The only reason he found the box, was the book. He called it the book but it was more like a magic rock. A flat rectangle with pictures and symbols that changed. Sometimes they changed when he touched the surface, sometimes the images changed on their own as he travelled. Eventually he worked out that it was some kind of map, and the blinking circle was where he was on the map. The weird octopus symbol was marked on the map and he just had to work out what it was.

It had taken all night, and he was almost seen by a group of people roaming these normally deserted hills.

He started to lift the lid. A glow crept along the crack of the lid as it opened. When the lid was all the way open, he tried to work out what he was seeing.

A ring of eerie light surrounded a circle of the blackest black he had ever seen. No. Not quite black. There was a tinge of blue. Occasionally, it looked like there were sparks in the blackness.

A tight ball of dread sat in the pit of his stomach. Then he saw the tentacle; too late.

Computer Game Pitch Tag

After seeing a cool idea for a creative game called Pitch Tag, I started playing it with Jason from work.

Dawn of the Blood Pixies

Dawn of the Blood Pixies is a real time strategy game where you command an army of Fairies who protect their forest from those who would destroy it. A new enemy has arisen! A dark wizard has constructed a new race of beings from the corpses of Pixies. The one catch is that they must consume the blood of a Fairy before Dawn or they will turn to dust. You must vanquish all the blood pixies before dawn or you and your army of Fairies will be no more.

Next: “A Tree Falls”

A Tree Falls is a 2D platformer that has the main character, “Billy the squirrel”, running from branch to branch trying to get off the large falling tree in the allotted time limit while collecting as many falling acorns as he can before the tree finally falls down.

Next: “C’thulu’s Lemonade Stand”

You play the part of C’thulu running a neighbourhood lemonade stand. The aim of the game is to maximise the amount of evil that you can accomplish from your lemonade stand. Poisoning your lemonade is one way, but if too many people start dying instantly, the total number of children killed will not be too high. To do well, you must delve into the mysteries of toxicology and design your poison to have the appropriate delayed action so that more people suffer in total.

Biological agents further increase the evil that can be achieved by C’thulu.

Many factors affect your success. The taste of the lemonade (evil and yuck won’t sell well), the weather, your sale price (ingredients are not free))

Next: “The Sheep of Solitude”

You play the part of Stephen (or Stephanie) the Sheep in search of a quiet place to practice your Ruminant Meditation.

In this puzzle game you must navigate through the large puzzle filled Temple of Fluff, each puzzle involves attempting to solve logic puzzles to a relaxing and contemplative sound track, till you arrive in a state of blissful quiet at the temples centre.

Next: “The Apocalypse Construction Kit”

You are evil. So evil, that your hobby is destroying worlds. In this game you outfit a robotic spacecraft that will travel across the stars to a target world and destroy it. This is not as easy as it may appear. The locals will do their best to thwart you and to survive in a hostile environment. You must outfit your robotic world destroyer against attacks on the way to the destination and have sufficient resources to create a successful Armageddon. Options may include asteroids to throw at the planet. Destroying the moon. Releasing toxins an biohazards. Nukes. Antimatter. Supernova trigger.

Next: “Anvil”

You are Phil, the laziest manager at Acme Anvil’s Inc. The game consists of working as a Marketing Manager and is a series of puzzle games to get Anvil sales as high as possible while managing to delegate all work to underlings, avoid getting caught snoozing in meeting and still get a half day on Friday for a round of golf!

Thats all for now.


Fluid Dynamics WebsiteThis website is an impressive implementation of complicated fluid dynamics. It looks so pretty!