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EGX 2015 Birmingham

 Max has been hanging out to go to Euro-Gamers 2015 for the whole trip. So we spotted in Birmingham and Zoe and I went too. 

There was a shockingly high proportion of people with facial hair. A substantial number of those with facial hair didn’t appear to have heard of shampoo.

It was great fun playing lots of weird and wonderful games. We spent most of our time around the indie games. 

We found a cool multi player game on the Wii U called Splatoon which is a ridiculously fun game where you paint the floor of the stands with your team’s colour. It is a brilliant mapping of a team based first person shooter into a kid friendly package. We even went into a tournament and had commentators and TV coverage and everything.


There was Minecraft hunger games death matches.


Oversized headphones. 

And we even played a non screen, board game on an old school “table”. 


I found this poster amusing.

The kids were tired.  

If I ever get a console, I must check out Just Cause 3, it looks awesome. 

The kid’s favorite game, by far, was a strange game called Gang Beasts. Google it.

Mag Madog Farm

 Here’s a few photos around the beautiful farm in Wales, where we stayed in a 17th century renovated cottage.   

With a farm cat. 

Zoe found dangerous things to do, just because. 




Zip Lines

We went on some zip lines. They were very long. It was fun. 

The longest one was almost a kilometre long. 
It wasn’t too fun when rain was smacking into my face at about 100km per hour. The rest was awesome though. 


Welsh sheep poo is different to Australian sheep poo. It’s sloppier. Probably because they have lots of lush, wet grass to eat all the time. These sheep are obviously wusses. Australian sheep learned to do without water ages ago. 



Bounce Below

Driving through this part of Wales is beautiful in a different way to Scotland. This part of Wales is more rugged.

 We decided that good way to experience the deep cultural history of Wales was to jump around like silly people in an old slate mine in the middle of a national park. Some silly Welsh people had strung up lots of bouncy rope platform as and slides and tunnels suspended over bottomless pits of doomy darkness. It was fun to jump around in. 


Don’t Trust GPS in Wales

It’s been extremely useful using Waze, a GPS navigation app on my iPhone, while driving in Hawaii, Los Angeles, England, and Scotland. It’s made navigation through unfamiliar places pretty easy. Just blindly follow the navigation directions and we magically get to our destination. 

This doesn’t always work in Wales. 

Our Welsh accommodation is on a sheep farm that is up a tiny little lane in Northern Wales. Waze told me to make an impossibly stupid left turn onto a road that looked more like a fire trail. So I did. It was a fire trail. It was blocked by fallen trees, and a gate. The road was too narrow to turn around. So I backed down the steep hill and prepared to back onto the road and not be hit by cars screaming around a blind corner. 

No cars. Go!



I’d managed to beach the car on a 1 foot bank on the road. The front wheels were off the ground and one back wheel was off the ground. The back of the car was hanging across half a lane. I got everyone out of the car and the hazard lights on, ignoring the embarrassment. It could be worse.

A couple of people slowed down to take photos. But a couple of locals (Rob, Mathew) stopped to actually help. After we exhausted attempts at pushing and spinning the front wheels. Rob went down the road and found the number for a tow truck company and I organised them to come and help. Mathew called the police and they came to stop cars from crashing into mine. 

Waiting for the tow truck seemed like forever, as I chatted about my stupidity with the locals. 
After the policeman chased up the tow truck, it finally arrived. The driver took an expert look at the situation and elegantly towed the back of the car so it could be driven (undamaged!) away. £180, which is about a zillion Australian dollars. 

The locals who stopped to help were awesome. They wondered why anyone would drive up that track. It was madness! I couldn’t help but agree.