Andrea’s Permitted Percussion

– Standard drumkit (5 drums + hi-hat, crash and ride) (be mindful of the few seconds needed to change between sticks, brushes, and yarn mallets for cymbal rolls. Cymbal rolls can be given to a 2nd player)
– Pair of cymbals (be mindful of the few seconds needed to put up and put down)
– Concert bass drum (IWCB bought a big one which is super-onerous to transport, but smaller ones exist)
– Bongos (congas are just another level of logistics)

– Cowbell and woodblock (one or two of each) can be set up pretty easily for the drummer (can be played with sticks, but sounds better if you get time to switch to rubber or plastic mallets)
– Windchimes (allow time to dampen with an arm at the end if you don’t want them clinking on)
– Triangle (I clip mine to the stand but need to pick up/put down the beater)
– Tambourine (can be mounted and played with sticks but then you lose the ability to shake)
– Cabasa, claves (must be played with two hands)
– Castanets (as you saw on Tuesday, there are a few options! I have one pair loose and one pair on sticks. I’ve seen them mounted on a board but seriously no one has those)
– Ratchet (mounted, no need to put sticks down as you can turn the handle with a free pinky finger)
– Whistles (slide, bird, police, train…)

– Glockenspiel (I don’t have brass mallets. Maybe I should get some?)
– Xylophone if it’s for a whole segment (I’m playing a piece with a total of 4 bars of xylo and apart from being a hassle I think it sticks out like a sore thumb)