Caerlaverock Castle

We went to an old Scottish castle called Caerlaverock Castle. Construction started in about 1220 and eventually the castle was defeated in a siege by King Edward. It was interesting to see a video of the siege in the information centre. It was hard to work out which side was the goodies and which was the baddies. The castle had about 60 men and King Edward had about 3000. It took about 4 days of continuous bombardment before the men in the castle surrendered. Scotland is still part of England, but I get the sense that that they still hold a slight grudge. 

 The castle itself was unusual, it had three sides, and was positioned so any attack had to come from one direction. The Irish Sea was on one side and a bog on the other side. Nowadays, the castle is vital habitat for a few different mosses, lichen, and birds. Go wildlife! 


It’s pretty too.