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Museum of Modern Art

We walked to the pet market and were disappointed. So we went to the Museum of Modern Art. It was really good. The kids liked some of it, but lost interest after a while. 

Shari took the kids back to our apartment and have me a glorious 90 minutes to wander through the Museum without the kids. It is father’s day after all.

I really enjoyed the way they organised the art to show how one style led to another throughout the last century or so. 

When I finally got back, Max had made dinner and Zoe made dessert, with a little help from Mum. 


“The only difference between me and a madman is that I’m not mad” -Salvador Dali


Yep. That’s a urinal.

Jolly Ninja Logo

I recently bought an awesome iPad app, Procreate. This is a really powerful drawing application. It is the same one that Bryan Konietzko, uses. He is one of the Co-creators of Avatar: The Last Airbender, and Korra. My two favourite animated series; ever.

I thought it would cool to make a logo for this very web site. The name “Jolly Ninja” is just a weird combination of words that I used for the name of a robot I made in the programming game “Robocode” many years ago. I still like it.

So here’s my very¬†amateur¬†effort.

Jolly Ninja 2013-05-12