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Zoe’s Birthday!

Zoe is 10.

This is what she looked like when she was zero. 

She’s bigger now. 

And more awesome. 

The mind boggles when you think how awesome she will be in another ten years. 


Ada was better last night; she awoke at 2:30am. The older kids started at about 4:30am.

We go to Disneyland today. 


After waiting in a few queues yesterday, there was more willingness to do anything that didn’t have a long queue. We were pleasantly surprised by a couple of boat rides through tunnels decorated with elaborate animatronic props.

We saw a Pirates of the Caribbean ride that was pretty dark and scary for Ada.

And we saw a jungle boat ride that was accompanied by a hilariously over the top Japanese boat driver.  

There was a cool tree house (Swiss Family Robinson).

We did a couple of rollercoasters. They were fun, but nothing compared to the ones at Six Flags. Having Ada there made it awesome. The height restrictions for Disneyland Tokyo are very short, so Ada could come on everything. Seeing the rides through her eyes made it much scarier and more fun.

There was a parade. It was extremely energetic and happy; to the point of maniacal insanity. Fun though.





Next to Disneyland Tokyo, is Disneysea Tokyo. We heard that it was more suitable for the older kids, so we went there first, because Ada was asleep. 

The flight to Tokyo had left everyone jet lagged. Ada had been up all night and had just fallen asleep. Despite my efforts at keeping the older kids awake with a Star Trek marathon, the older kids were awake from about 2am. Hence, Mum and Dad were awake too. Any attempt to sleep was quickly countered by “Mum! I can’t sleep!”,  “I’m not tired!”, and many other family favourites. 

Unlike every other theme park I’ve been to, this one didn’t look slight run down. A lot of effort and skill has gone into making the props look great. And everything was really, really clean. Japan does have an obsession with cleanliness. It’s not uncommon to see people wearing medical masks in public places. Ironically, this does more to protect everyone from their germs, but not the other way around. 


I finally woke up Ada, trying to get her into some kind of normal sleeping patterns. 

We were all pretty tired, but still had a nice time. 


This was one of the only Star Wars references I saw. 


Science Museum

While Max and I were at the British Museum yesterday, Shari took the girls to the Science Museum. Max wanted to go too, and Zoe wanted to go back, so I took them while Shari took Ada to the dinosaur museum. 

I wasn’t expecting much, since we’ve been to some great science museums before. I can say, though, that the hands-on section here is, by far, the best I’ve seen. We spent ages in the hands on section. 


The main reason that Zoe wanted to return was a flight simulator that you sit in. She wanted to “fly upside down and crash.

They both flew upside down and crashed.


Surprisingly, exploring some of the older exhibits was pretty entertaining too. 

My first programming language was BASIC.


The British Museum

I wanted to go to the British Museum, and Max came too. The girls all wanted to go to a Science Museum. So Max and I set off. We quickly discovered that Google Maps didn’t know about track work, so we had to go old school and look at tube maps to work around the track work. 

Serendipitous discoveries on the journey were a large inflatable teapot and tube station pixel art. 

The aim of the day was Serendipity. So when we arrived, we chose a random exhibit using my trusty pseudo-random number generator and wandered.

 I’m not sure, but these “famous” Lewis Chess pieces look like the ones in the movie Brave  

Max attempted to scrawl his name on an old school tablet. 

Max found mummies! We did a selfie with mummy.  


Scary mummies. 

More old school pixel art.   

And the Rosetta Stone. With a photobomber in the background. 

I thought the hieroglyphics were pretty.   

Weirdly, I found a picture of Stonehenge painted by a Japanese artist in the Japanese section of the British Museum. 

When it was time to go home, Max led the way. He navigated the tube all the way back to Greenwich, avoiding the track work without any assistance. I was hoping to get lost, but we didn’t get lost at all. 

Here’s a labyrinth in a tube station.    


We’re in Greenwich. As in “Greenwich mean time”. So we had to visit the ZERO LINE. Here it is.
I know, it’s pretty awesome.

We also walked through the lovely Greenwich Park, visited a planetarium, and trekked through the dangerous doomy forest of the Kflergefler. Lots of doom in there.  

Then the kids attempted to control my arms to make me hit myself. This didn’t end well; for them.

EGX 2015 Birmingham

 Max has been hanging out to go to Euro-Gamers 2015 for the whole trip. So we spotted in Birmingham and Zoe and I went too. 

There was a shockingly high proportion of people with facial hair. A substantial number of those with facial hair didn’t appear to have heard of shampoo.

It was great fun playing lots of weird and wonderful games. We spent most of our time around the indie games. 

We found a cool multi player game on the Wii U called Splatoon which is a ridiculously fun game where you paint the floor of the stands with your team’s colour. It is a brilliant mapping of a team based first person shooter into a kid friendly package. We even went into a tournament and had commentators and TV coverage and everything.


There was Minecraft hunger games death matches.


Oversized headphones. 

And we even played a non screen, board game on an old school “table”. 


I found this poster amusing.

The kids were tired.  

If I ever get a console, I must check out Just Cause 3, it looks awesome. 

The kid’s favorite game, by far, was a strange game called Gang Beasts. Google it.