Cinematic Sounds Radio – Best of 2012

I need to listen to two radio shows online:

  1. Best individual cues of 2012
  2. Best scores of 2012

Erik Woods puts on a really good show and plays lots of cool music.

His show for the best Re-recordings made me buy a few CDs.

Also, his John Williams series was awesome.


Individual Cues Show

  • The track from MIEL DE NARANJAS (Malo) is beautiful. Might be worth checking out the movie.
  • The track from METSAN TARINA (Aaltio) is really awesome. I wonder where I could find the rest of the soundtrack before possibly buying it.
  • KINECT STAR WARS (Haab/Newmaster) sounds cool
  • THERE BE DRAGONS (Folk) was mentioned in the Cue Awards too. Maybe worth checking out.

Scores Show

  • All the albums have a separate 20 minute highlights section. So now THERE BE DRAGONS could be listened to. And it’s really quite good.
  • SKYFALL by Thomas Newman is way better than they were saying on The Soundcast.
  • PRICELESS by Naoki Sato is pretty awesome actually.
  • METSAN TARINA can only be purchased digitally. iTunes. $17