Clarinet Tip #4: Cheating over the break

I played quite a lot of Clarinet when I was young, and wasn’t too bad at it. Then I stopped; for about 20 years. Then I started again. I found that I’d forgotten lots. Even worse, I discovered that there was a lot basic stuff that I should have learned, but hadn’t.

So thought I’d share a few of the things I should have learned when I started, but didn’t; until now.


Keep the fingers of your right hand down if you are playing a G up to a Bb.

This makes it much easier to cross the break since you don’t have to synchronise as many fingers to cover holes at the same time.

I discovered this myself, before reading about it, when I was starting to play again after many years. I found that, due to a serious injury, the outer 3 fingers of my right hand were weak and uncoordinated. I cheat like this all the time now as I need all the help I can get to play acceptably with these fingers.