Cosmic Radiation Sound Effect Construction

I had the idea to write a theme for The Great A’Tuin, the turtle that supports the four elephants which support Discworld from the novels of Terry Pratchett. As part of this I was after a kind of “cosmic noise” effect in the background which kind sounds like a bunch of pops of static as if cosmic rays were bombarding the recording equipment. Something like the effect in the music for this awesome timelapse taken from the International Space Station is what I was after.

White and Gausian noise sounds terrible.

This article about the colours of noise is particularly interesting.

I tried Gausian noise taken to the power of 3, hoping that the effect exagerate some rare peaks as pops. But no.

After playing with some of the built in effects in Reaper, I settled on using a pink noise generator and passing the noise through a noise gate so that only very large values pass through. The attack and decay times were set short and produced the kind of sound that is good enough.

I didn’t even have to crank up SciLab to generate my own from scratch.

I used the cosmic noise in the background to this tune.