Random Borrowing #4: Cosmos

Today’s random item from the library turned out to be a back issue of Cosmos magazine.


The random page was number 76. On this page we find out about some scientists researching various berries for their medical benefits. There is some discussion about how the local indigenous tribes already knew which berries were any good.

Now, how am I going to relate this to musical composition?

Well, the scientist are re-examining old “knowledge” and applying modern scientific methods, knowledge, and techniques to make these berries into something new.

This might work surprisingly well for music. If we just use folk music, or very early music as the “berries” in this story and apply some of the modern music techniques with audio effects, instruments, and anything else from current musical practice that we can think of.

I quite like the traditional folk tunes of the UK region, so maybe I can ponder this idea and write something in this style but using these ideas. Now that I think of it, I have already written something similar.