Cue Awards Todo List

I just finished listening to the Cue Awards, an annual awards show done by the team at

As usual, there were heaps of albums mentioned that I haven’t heard.

As a result of listening to the awards show, I now need to check out:

The usual plan is to listen to these online, then buy them if I like them.

I would like to see John Carter, so I’ll hold off listening to that until I see the movie. Similarly for Life of Pi, Cloud Atlas, The Hobbit. Usually, If am at all likely to ever see a specific movie, then I’ll avoid listening to reviews of the soundtrack or even listening to the soundtrack until I’ve seen it. I have very little opportunity to watch many movies, especially movies intended for grown ups. Three young kids take up a lot of time. Although I really enjoyed Brave, and the soundtrack has really grown on me. I enjoyed watching Wreck it Ralph, and I’ll need to check out that soundtrack.

I won’t be playing the games, so I can check those out for the music.

The movie Journey 2 looks like I won’t bother seeing it, so I’ll check that soundtrack out.

I’d already bought and listened to the Journey soundtrack by Austin Wintory, which is great. In fact, it may result in me borrowing someone’s PS3 just to play the game.