EGX 2015 Birmingham

 Max has been hanging out to go to Euro-Gamers 2015 for the whole trip. So we spotted in Birmingham and Zoe and I went too. 

There was a shockingly high proportion of people with facial hair. A substantial number of those with facial hair didn’t appear to have heard of shampoo.

It was great fun playing lots of weird and wonderful games. We spent most of our time around the indie games. 

We found a cool multi player game on the Wii U called Splatoon which is a ridiculously fun game where you paint the floor of the stands with your team’s colour. It is a brilliant mapping of a team based first person shooter into a kid friendly package. We even went into a tournament and had commentators and TV coverage and everything.


There was Minecraft hunger games death matches.


Oversized headphones. 

And we even played a non screen, board game on an old school “table”. 


I found this poster amusing.

The kids were tired.  

If I ever get a console, I must check out Just Cause 3, it looks awesome. 

The kid’s favorite game, by far, was a strange game called Gang Beasts. Google it.