Escape from Antwerp

Shari’s at a sports medicine conference in Antwerp, so the rest of us are off to see the sights.

First, we sought out kids bike hire deep in the dungeons below central station. 

Ada and Max played in the nearby park while Zoe went cycling with her broken finger.

Naturally , all drinks in Belgium are served with moustaches. Zoe is drinking with her broken finger.

When we arrived at Antwerp Clue, it turned out that it is meant to be challenging for a group of adults to escape the room. And I’d managed to book the hardest room. So we changed our booking to an easier room. We needed to kill a couple hours until the room was available so we climbed to the top of this cool building.

And the kids got restless.

Then we did the escape. It was so much fun! I’ve never struck this idea before, but apparently these escape rooms are all the rage in many places – including Sydney. The idea is that your group is locked in a room and have to solve a bunch of puzzles that give you the key to unlock more puzzles until you escape from the room. The puzzles are often quite creative. If you are having trouble, then the hosts put clues on a TV screen; we found this quite useful. Our room was themed around some children who had disappeared, so there were children’s toys and lots of combination locks on boxes. We all really enjoyed the time, even though we only solved about 70% of the room. I’ll definitely try to find some kid friendly rooms in Sydney when we get home. A quick search, on the internet, showed that several of the rooms are not for kids.