Genn is a generator for random numbers and words. That’s it. It’s extremely simple, but it can be used in many ways.

There are three pages, that you can swipe between:

  1. Simple Dice Page
  2. Customised Random Number Page
  3. Random Word Page

Simple Dice Page

The simple dice page is a bit like rolling a whole bunch of strange dice all at once; from 2 sides up to 12 sides, if your screen is big enough.

Potential uses:

  • Choosing between lunch options
  • Dice replacement in games
  • Rambling along streets in a foreign city (Left, Right, Straight?)
  • Choosing between movies to watch when no-one can agree.

Simulator Screen Shot 17 Apr 2016, 12.17.02 PM

Custom Random Number Page

The Custom Random Number Page allows you input the maximum and minumum number for random generation.

Potential Uses:

  • Choosing menu items at a Chinese restaurant
  • Choosing pages from “50000 Names for Your Baby”
  • Lottery Numbers

Simulator Screen Shot 17 Apr 2016, 12.19.52 PM

Random Word Page

The random word page chooses different kinds of random words from an internal list. There are random nouns, adjectives, verbs, and adverbs. There’s also random primary, secondary, and tertiary emotions (based on Parrott’s Emotion Groups). As an added creativity bonus, there are some Oblique Strategies inspired by the famous list of Brian Eno.

Potential Uses:

  • Breaking writer’s block
  • Music composition ideas
  • Attacking problems from new angles

Simulator Screen Shot 17 Apr 2016, 12.16.52 PM

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