Golf Again and a Farm

Max and I wanted to play golf again. Zoe didn’t. So Max and I went back to borrow Peter’s clubs. We played much better than the day before and made it through nine holes this time. It was another gorgeous day to be in Scotland. 


Afterwards, we drove to join the girls at Mabie Farm; which was a huge play area for kids. We jumped on a massive bouncy thing, slid down a big hill, the kids swung on ropes, and had a go on quad bikes. We just about had the place to ourselves because it wasn’t the weekend and the local kids are at school. 

Then we met Rosie. Rosie was hungry. Very hungry. In fact she had a taste for human flesh. In particular, Rosie had a hankering for the hand of a visiting Australian doctor. Mmmmm. Tasty. 

Shari was feeding this cantankerous beast when it bit her hand and wouldn’t let go. Shari’s hand now sports a massive bruise, and her hand is “a bit ouchy” which translates to “more painful than being kicked in the nuts, but less painful than childbirth”. Have we just got the second broken bone of the holiday? I suspect so.