Random Borrowing #1: Jolly Old Composer

I had a whim to go to the local library and borrow a random item. My initial intention was to get the item and somehow relate it to musical composition. Just because.

So I split the library into 8 parts mentally and used a random number generating application on my iPhone to further subdivide zones, and shelves etc. until I finally borrowed a CD. It is a recording of three works of Brian Havergal. His Violin Concerto, Symphony No. 18, and The Jolly Miller Overture.

Brian Havergal Album Cover Art


A little too directly related to composition, but anyway…

It is recorded well by the Scottish Symphony Orchestra. I have never heard of this composer, so I read the liner notes (which are pretty good) and the Wikipedia article about the composer. Here is one persistent dude. He wrote heaps of Symphonies even though there was pretty much no hope of anyone performing them. He kept writing until he was in his 90s.

Apparently, the violin concerto on this album is insanely difficult to play. Violin was his instrument.