Random Borrowing #12: How It Feels

The random book of the day was How It Feels by Brendan Cowell.


Here is a review.

I’m not that interested in reading a book about a guy struggling through his teenage years at about the same era that I did.

The random page (308) jumped into the middle of a conversation with a guy living in a fancy apartment, doing a very convincing impression of a moron.

The author is better known as an actor. He looks vaguely familiar, but I didn’t recognise any shows that he’s been in. This is his debut novel.

Link to Music Composition

Perhaps the link here is not so much about the book, but the author. He’s a similar age to me (a little younger), and trying something (writing a book) different. This is his first novel. The review indicates that it isn’t very good.

I too am trying something a little different, being music composition. My expertise is in software engineering and the various domains that I’ve worked. Music composition, in any serious way, has only been something I’ve attempted in the last couple of years. Although, I did try a bit as a teenager; it was an ambitious work, that failed impressively. This blog is a record of some of my rambling thoughts on composition.

My compositions are at the level of “enthusiastic amateur”. So I’m learning what I can.

I’ve recently joined a Community Band again, for the first time in many years. So it will be interesting to see where my resurgent interest in music will lead.