Random Borrowing #2: Korean Songs

So, as part of the Random Borrowing project, I once again went to the library with the intent of getting a random item and somehow linking it with musical composition.

Today’s item was an item from the community languages section. It appears to be a book of children’s songs, in Korean. With music.

Korean Kids Songs


So I thought I would pick a random page (17) and use the song that I find in some way. (The rest of the music is filed here for future reference)

k3The picture seems to indicate something to do with a beach.

The music is has a slightly unusual format. I tried using google translate to work out what it said, but I couldn’t work out how to enter the 3rd character. I shall leave it mysterious. Something about a beach, probably singing about how everyone will be eaten by a shark.


So I entered it into Noteflight.

Then, I played around a bit and added an accompaniment for melody (which is pretty boring actually) and then did a slight variation with an accompaniment that actually has some movement. Not great but, I did it quick. I shall leave it where it is.

Here is the result.