Make it Quick #3 – Flash Fiction with Rory’s Story Cubes

The spade made a metallic clunk as it made contact with something. Max scraped the dirt away to reveal a plain metal box. He was almost disappointed that it wasn’t an ornate treasure chest with a skull and cross bones carved into it by bloodthirsty pirates.

The only reason he found the box, was the book. He called it the book but it was more like a magic rock. A flat rectangle with pictures and symbols that changed. Sometimes they changed when he touched the surface, sometimes the images changed on their own as he travelled. Eventually he worked out that it was some kind of map, and the blinking circle was where he was on the map. The weird octopus symbol was marked on the map and he just had to work out what it was.

It had taken all night, and he was almost seen by a group of people roaming these normally deserted hills.

He started to lift the lid. A glow crept along the crack of the lid as it opened. When the lid was all the way open, he tried to work out what he was seeing.

A ring of eerie light surrounded a circle of the blackest black he had ever seen. No. Not quite black. There was a tinge of blue. Occasionally, it looked like there were sparks in the blackness.

A tight ball of dread sat in the pit of his stomach. Then he saw the tentacle; too late.