Music Creation Apps for the iPad

I’m currently digging around the internet for apps that I can create music with on the iPad. It is nice to be able to use the iPad for making things. I’ve had a really good experience with Procreate and Inkpad, so I thought I’d re-examine what’s out there for making music and make a list of things to check out. I’ve got the Animoog app for iPhone, which I’m contemplating upgrading to the iPad version, but I thought I’d see what’s out there first.

Here’s a list. Now to cherry pick it…

  • Wizdom Music Morphwiz – looks a little like an idea I had for making an app…
  • iceGear cassini – cheap, technical synth app
  • iceGear argon – even cheaper mono synth
  • 4Pockets Aurora sound studio – grid based sequencer, might be interesting
  • Yamaha TNR-I – a grid thing, might interesting to look into a bit more
  • Retronyms Tabletop (free) – have to check it out since it’s free
  • BeepStreet Impaktor – percussion synth, might be useful
  • Korg iElectribe – another percussion synth 4 track
  • Korg IMS-20 – analog synth with cables everywhere
  • Apple Garage Band – might check out, it’s cheap. I think my laptop has a version built in.
  • Animoog, of course.

An interesting app that lets apps interact in Audiobus. I don’t need it yet, but it is good to know it exists.

Another list.

  • Figure looks very interesting for knocking out ideas.
  • Animoog and Korg got another mention

Since, my immediate use for this kind of thing is knocking out some ideas, I might start with Figure; it’s a whole dollar.

Yet another list.

  • Impacktor, again. Looks like it samples whatever surface you sit the device on. Interesting
  • CP 1919 looks interesting too, some fluid physics involved.
  • Garage Band, and Figure got mentioned again

Another list mentioned Scape, by Brian Eno et. al. it looks like you make an image and that is converted to music.

I should also check out NOTION, a notation app for the iPad. It might be easier to use on the iPad than the mobile website version of Noteflight.