Random Borrowing #18: PR

Today’s Random Borrowing excursion yielded a book about PR.


I selected a random page. This particular random page is all about “The Learning Organisation”. My initial reaction to reading it was to dismiss it outright because it is full of buzzwords and “management speak”; it writes about people as objects rather than people. Ironically, the point of the section is that in order to get the most out your employees you should embrace their personal development and make sure everyone has a personal development plan. This is aimed at self-fulfilment of each employee; in other words treating them as people.

This very blog post is part of my “Random Borrowing” project, my own self education project about the composition of music. It is my own little project of self-fulfilment. One of the issues with self education, especially in such a vast field as music, is that I lack the skills to know what it is that I lack the skills in and hence should be learning.

Currently, I’m following a “learn by doing” approach mixed with some random exploration, which is good fun and I’ve learned a whole array of things that I didn’t know before. However,¬†I fear that there are many unknown unknowns. I suspect that there are big areas of musical knowledge that I don’t realise that I don’t know.

There are a few ways I can try to remedy this. A few options are:

  • Find some fairly exhaustive syllabus of musical knowledge and learn it all.
    • Music encyclopedia / Wikipedia music articles
    • Composition course syllabus
  • Get one of these exhaustive lists and randomly select something to study. (The Random Borrowing project¬† is a bit like this. I randomly chose items from the library and find a link between them and music composition)

I can always just do stuff that seems interesting and see where it leads. The risk is that I may end up disappearing down a rabbit hole and “waste” time. Perhaps this is a better way to go anyway. It’s sort of what I’m doing anyway.

Another idea is to find a teacher that can guide me, listen to what I’ve already done and magically determine what I need to learn next. This would be much more structured, and also require that I spend more time than I do at the moment. Time is one thing that there never seems to be enough of.