The Random Borrowing Project

The Random Borrowing Project is an idea I had to stimulate some investigation and research about things that I would not normally look at, through the lens of Music Composition.

The general idea is to go to the local library, which in this case is the City of Sydney Library at Customs House at Circular Quay in the centre of the CBD of Sydney.

I use a die, or a coin, or a random number generator to narrow down items in the library until I choose a random item, and then maybe a random page. I then write a little blog post trying to link whatever I find to the field of Music Composition.

I don’t know where it will lead, but it has been interesting so far.

Here are the posts so far:

  1. Brian Havergal
  2. Korean kids songs
  3.  Murder
  4. Cosmos
  5. Native Title
  6. Rites
  7. Photos
  8. Jeffrey Smart
  9. Wood
  10. Wolf Baby
  11. The Falls
  12. How It Feels
  13. Sherlock
  14. Giant
  15. Good
  16. Churches
  17. Politics
  18. PR
  19. Photographer in Paris