Serendipity in Paris

I went looking for some sheet music of French folk music. I went to one of the biggest music shops in Paris, which was not much different to a big instrument shop in Sydney, except for the large selection of accordions available.

When I asked for some local folk music in sheet music form, they had no idea. So I asked if they had any books of music for traditional French instruments. “Well, we have the accordion…”

It turns out that this particular music shop produces the standard repertoire book(s) for the accordion, called Musette. It’s like the accordion version of The Real Book.


I also discovered that there is such a thing as a clarinet mute, which might make it more practical to practise late at night. They were out of stock, so I’ll have to find one online. 

Near this music shop was a chocolate shop with a chocolate saxophone in the window. 

Max and I were sitting in a nearby park thinking of random words, then combining them into something to look for in Paris. After searching for “dark green fountain” we discovered something called Wallace Fountains, donated as a gift to Paris, now used as a vital water source for the homeless. We found a dark green water fountain of our own too. 


There are beautiful gardens hidden down alleys. 


And weird Easter eggs hidden in driveways. 

And last but not least, an opportunity for the first ever taste of Escargot. 

He liked it!