Stella’s Old School

Zoe’s best friend in Australia is a young lady called Stella. She moved to Australia from Belgium last year. Stella’s Mum, Naomi, organised an unusual – and awesome – experience for Zoe. We visited Stella’s old school in Antwerp.

We didn’t quite know what to expect, and Zoe was quite nervous. We found the school and met the teacher, Miss Janice, who spoke very good English, unlike the kids.  

Miss Janice introduced Zoe in Flemish and we called Stella in Australia via FaceTime. Most of the conversation was between the class and Stella, in Flemish. Miss Janice did a good job of translating for us, but we were quite lost for much of the time. 

We tried to maintain the reputation of Australian wildlife to the kids. e.g. Koalas are vicious sharp clawed beasts and there are venomous spiders under every toilet seat. 

It made us appreciate how hard it must have been for Stella when she arrived at a new school in Australia in her second language. 

With Zoe’s cred as Stella’s best friend in Australia established, Stella’s friends in Antwerp sat with Zoe and they did some art together.   

I think Zoe really enjoyed the experience. It will be a pretty big memory of the trip.

Afterwards, we had lunch and found a secret tunnel under the river. It was very long.