The Dragon and The Princess

Max (8) and Zoe (7) wrote a story by writing a sentence each…

The Dragon and The Princess

One day, there was a green smelly dragon. The dragon was guarding the princess. She was low down underneath the earth’s core. It was really hot under the earth’s core.

The dragon went down and checked for the princess. He was very mean and he said, “You’ll never get away!”.

The princess said .to herself “I do not like the dragon.” The dragon heard that and was very angry that she had tormented him. He said “you are going to be my servant instead of living in the dungeon”.

And he set her to work. She had to do the dishes, the washing, and make his bed. She even had to pull really heavy planks of wood to make the dragon’s fire.

One night, the princess escaped by breaking the window and getting out there. But she was not successful as the dragon heard her because she had tap shoes on, and roared after her.

The next night, she succeeded getting out the window without letting the dragon know. When she hit the ground, she had tap shoes on and woke the dragon up again, but she was too fast for the dragon and she got out, luckily.

She went to a little cottage with people in it. They said they could live there. The queen and king found her there, brought her back to the castle and the lived happily ever after.

No one knows what happened to the green smelly dragon of the underground prison.

The end.

By Max and Zoe