Random Borrowing #10: Wolf Baby

Today’s random meandering led to the paperback shelves and the discovery of an author from Bondi, whom I had never heard of. The book is Goodoo Goodoo by Robert G. Barrett.


Sadly, he died last year of cancer. But not before unwittingly contributing to the Random Borrowing Project.

I chose a page at random (page 266) and landed in the middle of Queensland where a proud mother is showing off her half wolf, half human hybrid daughter. She was the product of a failed genetic experiment to cure baldness.

Link to Music Composition

The best link to music composition that I can find here is the mixing of two things that seem unmixable.

Maybe I’ll try it as a practical experiment. I’ll make one of the things something I’m familiar with and combine it with something that I’m unfamiliar. For example:

  • Make a version of a familiar song in an unfamiliar style
  • Make a version of an unfamiliar song in a familiar style

I’ve had an idea for a while to arrange some relatively simple tune in many different styles, a bit like the CDZA video where they demonstrate the history of music styles using the song “What a Wonderful World”.

It would need to be a fairly simple tune. Maybe a kids song. Like:

  • Hey Diddle Diddle Diddle
  • Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
  • Humpty Dumpty.

Now I need to find some styles of music that I am unfamiliar with that I could attempt. Anything modern is a candidate, because I’m so old. Maybe I should grab a copy of the latest JJJ hottest 100 album and use that as a guide. The last one of those I own is from the 1990s.

So next on the To Do List is to check out the JJJ Hottest 100.