Zombie Portal: The Game

My son, Max, had some cool homework; to invent a board game. So we sat down and this is the game we came up with. We played a few versions and settled on these rules.

It’s called “Zombie Portal


Move all your Zombies into the opponent’s graveyard (the 3 squares where they start).


Using a normal chessboard, place 3 pawns each in opposite corners.

Mark 4 additional squares as portals with pieces of paper or checkers pieces as shown below..

Zombie Portal Setup

The board is rotated 45%.


The players take turns moving one of their Zombies one square in the direction of the opposite corner. The Zombies can only move one square as indicated by the arrows in the above diagram.


If a piece is on a portal, then it can move to any other portal, as well as the normal 2 squares that it can move to.

Killing the Other Zombies

If you move onto a square where an opponent’s Zombie is, it dies and returns to a starting square of your choice. Then it rises again.

You cannot move onto a square that already has one your own Zombies on it.